Coming back after so much is not always a synonym of a pleasant beginning. Sometimes it is an uphill climb. The road back was clouded with tears. It was pouring, outside too. Even the city didn’t welcome me when I needed a hug. Opening the door of your home again is not always a synonym […]


Cold. That is the word that best defines a room with white walls and nothing more than a tiny television hanging as decoration. However, there is something else against the opposite wall: the metal headboard of an articulated bed (I think that coldness can also define it) next to the air tank (which has all that air I […]


That time we had forty minutes before I left. I grabbed your waist and pulled you in. I kissed you and began to slowly pull your shirt up and raise your arms. You directly unbuttoned my jeans and pulled them down to my knees as we continued kissing. We ended up undressing each other and […]


You, who flirted through Grindr one night that you both had gone out and were so high that could not sleep but it did allow you to fuck your brains out in one of those memorable and infinite nights. One of those nights that end up with each one sleeping in their own bed. You, […]


Ten years in my iCloud. Ten years in photos that I have accumulated, sometimes just piling them up. Ten years in which the space can’t take more and forces me to select, discard and walk through the galleries that occupy the gigabytes of my memories. Today there is no free space for one more photo among […]