That time we had forty minutes before I left. I grabbed your waist and pulled you in. I kissed you and began to slowly pull your shirt up and raise your arms. You directly unbuttoned my jeans and pulled them down to my knees as we continued kissing. We ended up undressing each other and […]


You, who flirted through Grindr one night that you both had gone out and were so high that could not sleep but it did allow you to fuck your brains out in one of those memorable and infinite nights. One of those nights that end up with each one sleeping in their own bed. You, […]


Ten years in my iCloud. Ten years in photos that I have accumulated, sometimes just piling them up. Ten years in which the space can’t take more and forces me to select, discard and walk through the galleries that occupy the gigabytes of my memories. Today there is no free space for one more photo among […]


The one you used with me worked so good. I surely had my defenses down while listening to your blue eyes. I believed your insecurity based on not being physically the same as the porn actors or the Mr. Universe that circulate through the online world. That constant return to your past of unaccepted physique. […]


Jealousy, that component of relationships that is used at our disposal, varying the nuance of meaning as we like, measuring it according to our convenient yardstick. Your emigrated friend has just arrived from a trip and he is jealous to learn that you also receive visits from your transoceanic flirt. It’s fun to feel that […]


A sea with a lot of waves. This is your day to day. A very busy morning, working.  A very busy afternoon, working. At noon, just the right amount of time to walk Laika and eat. Even buying groceries is an impossible task except at unsocial hours. Together with this glorious work activity you add those […]


– You’re so handsome! – You too. – I want to see you. – Me too. – I adore you. – Me too. – I love you. – Idem. I am unable to start. Unable to show you the same compliments, comments or feelings that you directly release. Unable to be the first to throw the stone […]


I left my phone on the table next to the laptop and went to the bathroom. I consciously didn’t know it was gonna happen, but I wanted it to happen. I needed to get rid of that pressure, that anxiety that tormented my head. Everything I always criticized, all of it, I was the one […]


I ordered a ristretto and sat by the window. I have always liked the cafeterias with red checkered tablecloths. It takes me back to my grandmother’s, to tranquility and safety. I sat on the wooden chair with the matching red cushion and let my eyes get lost through the window long enough to forget my […]


Your plan was having lunch in your neighborhood. My plan was facing you because what was happening was doing us no good. That’s what my friends told me. That’s what my head said, I just had to tell you that this had to stop. I knocked and you opened the door. Your smile had no […]