I know my homeland but obviously you can give me more accurate information about it and its circumstances than me. You have lived in another country for fifteen years, but obviously you are more objective to talk about what is happening in Madrid than its inhabitants. You felt the heart breaking consequences of a divorce […]


A guy flirts with you on Instagram, one of those you call followers, and he’s not bad at all. You could say that he is handsome, has a good body and even seems nice. And even though you’re in that boycott period when you question everything, you say why not?… once you’re back from your week off, you’ll meet. […]


A long time ago you told me that you wanted to portray me. In the meantime you shared more and more assiduously your tastes, opinions and experiences with me. Maybe we started drawing that portrait in the bed instead of in the studio, being the most inappropriate place from the beginning. You told me a long time […]


I want to have a boyfriend but I keep entertaining myself with boys walking in and out my bed, chaining one with the next. I want something more than one night stands, then you tell me to meet again and I, again, find infinite excuses to extend the situation.  I want to take you out to the […]


I  miss you. That is a summary but I will add some details. I miss your smile, your kisses, your hugs, how you used to look at me… I miss sex with you. I miss your chats, your messages interested in me, your 🙈 and your 😘😍. Even if I fuck things up, even if it I fall into […]


I promised to love you right and I didn’t. The moments we still haven’t shared went after you the moment you closed the door. The kisses left without any apparent reason, those you used to make me a better person.   The hugs, your hugs, those you used to comfort me instantly… they left. Your looks […]


I dream of taking you there. Turning those many fantasies into a reality at last. I dream of seeing your face amazed by the mist in the woods that surround the horizon, the green that travels through the parks till the Nervión, and the metallic gray of the Guggenheim that merges with the streets of […]


Arriving in Madrid with your suitcases packed with hope, dreams, goals, and your head in the clouds. Choosing the capital to prepare your RMI with the same yearning for taking the city by storm. I’m sorry for the spoiler, but the foresight turned out to anticipate what was coming. A few years of severe discipline, […]


I’m the one who kissed you at a restaurant for the first time. The one who made you shiver under the sheets time and time again. The one you talked about to your friends with a wide smile. I’m the one who lent you some chairs for you to have in your new home. The […]


I know where to begin: by opening my planner on the last page to note down my steps from beginning to end, or my new year resolutions rather. I’m going to pen «pride» in December, yes, pride in everything I’ve accomplished, without reproaching myself for my mistakes nor longing for the lost. I go back […]