We go for a wine to Sierra Bar after getting off… where succulent tapas are served… It’s the only thing that keeps us going back to that place over and over since the fried food smell and the yelling of a crowd consisting mainly of students make it really difficult to have a chat. Three […]


As I’m packing again I go over the other times I’ve done so throughout the year. I recap and breathe. There you are. I lay a couple of pants, sweaters, and underwear and I remember when I used to organize this same trip at the beginning of every year to go see you without even […]


A good job. Jose, an engineer, handled diligently all the work conflicts he had to deal with daily thanks to his perseverance and coldness. Raúl, a pharmacist, who passed on his enthusiasm and discipline among his team.  A killer physique. Jose and his constant CrossFit training had managed to shape his muscles and showing his […]


I couldn’t care less if you think I’m annoying.  I don’t give a shit if my friends think I grovel or even if they don’t understand. It is so whatever if you’re trying to talk me into believing that distance makes you forget. I remain unbothered by the fact that you wanted to save me […]


A boner, a quick look at Grindr, and a fuck. Something so ordinary yet dull if it wasn’t for the fact that you asked me if you could spend the night. Breakfast was strange, but different and you sent me a friend request on Facebook, Instagram, and a new dinner date.  Our love for food […]


You’ve decided that your relationship came to an end a long time ago. You’ve mandated yourself that it didn’t work out. You’ve sentenced it, so you feel free. Therefore, you hit on that hunk you used to follow on social media and he took the bait. You manifest both your sexual appetite and your relationship conditions… It […]


During dinner, after the corresponding event, you confess you just ended a relationship that has left you scarred. A few months into it, the guy was shameless enough to tell you he neither didn’t want to carry on nor lose you. Mario doesn’t even try to hide his bitter gesture in order to state he’s […]


I’ve been writing about you today. Lately I’ve found what the most interesting moments for me to write are: while traveling. I abstract and concentrate amid the crowd’s noise, the engines, and the music… especially on the plane or on the train. I don’t think you’ll read these paragraphs. You most likely won’t read any […]


Diego was dreading exactly what ended up happening. He met one of those poster guys: tall, dark hair, shy smile, well-built, but mostly, an unrivalled magnetism. Aitor was truly more than that. he was the whole package. Olé Olé played the soundtrack of what a look can cause. They spent five hours singing and dancing […]


I’ve been following you on social media for quite some time now. You’ve been following me too, but we’ve never shared a comment. A cute guy who delights the eye with his daily shots and whose many songs are music to my ears. I’m invited to the theater and without knowing it, there you are […]