Jealousy, that component of relationships that is used at our disposal, varying the nuance of meaning as we like, measuring it according to our convenient yardstick.

Your emigrated friend has just arrived from a trip and he is jealous to learn that you also receive visits from your transoceanic flirt. It’s fun to feel that competition, isn’t it? Here you see it as a tender act of affection.

But when that same guy tells you to pay him some attention, you reproach him for making you feel pressured. Here you see it as an obvious reaction of insecurity.

You launch polls in your instagram about what you learn from stormy relationships where jealousy was destructive and the answers your followers send you do nothing but confirm your theories.

Anyway, you’ll recognize that the reality is that you shared the attention to your friend with some one night stands and your boyfriends with those appearing behind the windows of Scruff … but of course, of course, I’m not going to be the one doubting that  your partners’  jealousy were always sick.

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Psychologist specialized in Positive Psychology

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