A pair of books fell from my bookcase while I was tidying it. A folded paper sticks out from one of them… It is actually a napkin which reads: »I’d like to meet you, but out of here». The note is followed by a phone number and a name.

I incredibly remember the exact moment when this napkin was written. A few years ago I worked in a pub in Chueca so I could earn some extra money. They were some really fun years, when I possibly met a lot of the most important people in my life. That napkin, note and phone belonged to a guy who was a frequent client at the pub.

I never dialled the number and fifteen years later I’m asking myself why. The name of the guy is not common at all and I try to locate in my photographic memory in which place I have seen that name written. I look for my phone and, as it cannot be otherwise, that guy has been photographed with a friend of mine on his IG profile. I don’t hesitate and I text him with a smile and tell him about my discovery. A few minutes later, I get a response:

– I’d still like to.

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