That time we had forty minutes before I left. I grabbed your waist and pulled you in. I kissed you and began to slowly pull your shirt up and raise your arms. You directly unbuttoned my jeans and pulled them down to my knees as we continued kissing. We ended up undressing each other and heading for the shower.
– I’m going to want to kidnap you. I don’t want you to leave. – you said to me as we breathed sex in the bathroom. 

This time there was no chance for another forty minutes to mess up your curls… but I’ll take your flavor in my mouth to taste for all the days I keep you away.  

My skin already tells me how much I will miss you but your words will not mute my brain and nothing will be left unsaid. You straight up fuck my head, which is a lot harder than the one below.

– I won’t kidnap you this time either but I still don’t want you to leave – you reminded me once again of something I already knew.

And with or without sex on this and other upcoming occasions, it is always necessary to know that you can fit one or a thousand `I love you´ in forty minutes.

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