As I’m packing again I go over the other times I’ve done so throughout the year. I recap and breathe. There you are.

I lay a couple of pants, sweaters, and underwear and I remember when I used to organize this same trip at the beginning of every year to go see you without even knowing I would discover in you much of what I look for.

I put in a scarf and some shirts, as I reminisce the time when I would organize my swimsuits and our next island adventures.

Toothbrush, toothpaste and I finish with my vanity kit while I think of the unpleasant feeling that our French encounter left in me. 

A pair of sneakers and I close the suitcase as I long to go for walks with you while you fill me with your kisses and hugs. 

I pack and I write the address on the label: hope.

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